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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh My Gosh!

Oh my gosh I can't believe it's been so long since I posted on here! I am alive - although some day's I wonder about that...

Here are two pictures I took of the sunset with the neighbors flag in the foreground. Something about the flag standing stalwart in that setting does something to my allegiance! AND the grandeur of an Arizona sunset... well what can I say - here is proof of that, even though a meer snapshot doesn't do it justice.
A funny thing happened yesterday...
I was at the clinic getting therepy on my feet - yes I'm still having problems with them (its been a year). One of the girls there was talking about doing target practice during the week-end and how when the shell ejected it came back at her and burned her chest, she was hopping around trying to get the hot shell off of her with the pistol still in her hands. I started laughing and asked her if her last name was Smith. :O)
It reminded me of one time when our family were all at our house in Willamina, Oregon celebrating the 4th of July. The kids were all setting off their fireworks in our driveway - only problem is that we had our chairs set up there watching the town fireworks that were a short distance away.
What's the problem you might ask? Well the problem was that one of the fireworks came flying at ME! I jumped up and started hopping around trying to get the burning thing off of me. My whole family LAUGHED at me! When I went in the house to take my clothes off because something was still burning my skin... I took off my jacket - it had a hole in it. I took off my shirt - it had a hole in it. I took off my undershirt - it had a hole in it. I got to my bra - it had a red ember on it burning a hole in my NEW bra and burning my skin too!!! So this is just one of zillions of things like this that happen to our family... Smith curse or blessing - Which?


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