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Friday, March 20, 2009

Doing the best that we can...

Well, the poem I shared yesterday I've revised a little, but it's still the same basic poem. I hope you enjoyed it.

Today's thought is this: "When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another." --Helen Keller

I'm continually amazed at the impact that we have on each others lives as friends and family. I belong to a writing group called ANWA (American Night Writers Association) and the women in that group are regularly impacting my life and helping me reach to new heights. This blog is one of them; Not being so afraid to share myself with others is another.

Over the years I have met many marvelous people that have wrought miracles in my life, even though sadly some of them I've lost track of. Betty Kille is one I've lost track of but she's one woman that I will forever cherish in my thoughts for the miracles she brought to me when we lived in Alaska 40 years ago and I had my twins. She unwaveringly and unselfishly came to my aide on a daily basis. You see I had a two year old son, and a thirteen month old daughter when I was surprised with the pre-mature birth of twins that I had no idea I was carrying. Betty came over and helped me fold diapers (before the world of Pampers) and take care of my little family. She was my friend in the true sense of the word, not only did she help me physically but she gave me mental support through her loving kindness... She's an awesome woman that I will never forget even though I've lost track of her!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Death of a Dog Toy

Oops - Somehow I zapped that post so I'll try again...

Have any of you ever owned a dog? If you have you will know what I'm talking about here or at least be able to relate. This is a poem I wrote in honor of a dog tog that's gone and never to return:

The Death of a Dog Toy
By Joyce Smith

One day I looked out the window and what did I see?
Well it was the death of a dog toy that could not flee.

That fine toys white fluff was scattered all over the ground
And the poor thing was laying there not making a sound.

As though scared half to death, its yellow fur stood straight out
Lying on the grass with no mouth - its face seemed to pout.

I tell you its big black eyes seemed to stare straight at me
But that couldn’t be possible for that toy could not see.

Now there were no feet left on the forlorn little thing
And it looked like its black hair had been given a fling.

I gathered it all up and threw it in the trash-can
And I thought, what a way to end its poor life - oh man!

My dog had played with it so hard that it came apart
Now that’s the story of a dog toys death from the start.

~All rights reserved~

Dogs give their owners many things. Here are my 5 C's to what dogs give you: Caring, Comfort, Curiousity, Comic relief, and a desire to Curse!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Who's Zany G?

At a writing conference that I went to on Saturday March 7th, we were advised by Doug Johnston (who gave a session on Publication and marketing), to create a blog. So here goes:

You may ask why did I name my blog "Zany G's World"? Zany G stands for Zany Grandma. A couple of my teenage granddaughters told me a while back that I don't drive like a grandma; Grandma's drive slow and jerky. I laughed... my husband has been known to give me nicknames derived from famous race car drivers such as: Nelly Parnelly; Netty Andriette, etc. Lately he's taken to calling me "Tigerette" because I've started hitting golf balls across the land. He's such a funny guy!

I'm not a fuddy duddy grandma but a zany grandma who likes to drive fast; go camping in the woods; and wish I could do cartwheels across town; swim the English Channel and roller blade around my kitchen while baking cookies! Yep that's me!