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Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday's Frills and Thrills...

I went to the doctor and the doctor said, "Now you must stop jumping on that bed!"

LOL - not really, what she said was that I do have strep... so this made for a fun thing for me to try and get enough doses of meds into my system so I could take my hubby to the hospital for his scheduled hernia surgery this morning and not cause an epidemic outbreak of strep throughout the city!

All went well with the surgery - he's home again and happily tucked down on the sofa for a long winter's nap ('cept its not winter... far from it at 103!)

Me? No more sore throat - just sneezing and sniveling... "Joyce stop that sniveling!" going through a box of Kleenex and wishing for well days! I HATE BEING SICK!!!

Thanx for listening to my whining... Joyce

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wacky Wednesdays...

Today I Choose Me!
By Joyce Smith
Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today has been a wacky Wednesday and I’ll tell you why -
I awoke with a sore throat that made me wanna cry.
Now sore throats are bad – no, badder than bad;
But luckily this one isn’t the worst I’ve ever had!

Shining a light down the farthest recesses of my throat
I tell you, I can see to the deepest parts of that moat.
I see my tonsils and little bumps of white and red
Then wonder what’re you doing here? You should be in bed!

So, I’ve lazed around the whole day through;
Doing nothing but plopping here and there with nary a shoe.
Now I’ve decided this is my motto - don’t you see,
“I can only please one person per day & TODAY I CHOOSE ME!”

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fridays Frills and Thrills...

Hey, today is a special day... today is the 42nd anniversary of the birth of my identical twin daughters in Anchorage, Alaska! Wow it's been 42 years already- woe is me, I'M OLD!

Here are a few pic's of them - then and more recent...

The funny thing is that we their family don't think they look all that much alike anymore - but they are constantly being mistaken for the other when one visits the other at Church... this happened just this past Sunday! They thought they were talking to Cristie when actually they were talking to Cindie and she didn't have a clue as to what they were talking about. She finally said that they needed to talk to Cristie about that... funny.

As babies we had to keep name tags on them so that even we would know which was which... We even got them special gold anklets to wear with an "A" and "B" on them since that's what they were known as in the hospital until we came up with names for two girls we weren't expecting at all! Cristie weighed in at 4 pounds and Cindie weighed 3 pounds 6 & 3/4 ounces.

They are very much alike even though they aren't so identical in looks. One year when we lived in Oregon we were having a family reunion... Cristie lived in Arizona and Cindie lived in Michigan. When we picked them up at the airport we got Cristie then ran to the other terminal to get Cindie and when she stepped through the gates she had on the exact same shoes and similar purse and her twin!

Well, I've got to go get ready... I'm going shopping & movie with them and their other two sisters for their birthday... fun times!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's Frills and Thrills..


Now you may be wondering what happened to my blogging fun... well we got a call that sent us off to Oregon for the funeral of our brother-in-law (my husband's sister's husband). We extended our stay after the funeral and stayed with our eldest son and his family; were gone a whole month and boy is it a thrill to be back home again, giggety gigg!

As I review my life - I realize that asking myself to dedicate three days a week to blogging is pretty adventurous of me - since I couldn't keep up with blogging once a week before. If I take three days to blog - that won't leave me much time for finishing the novel I'm writing. So I've decided that some revisions could and ought to be made. My idea is this: I will still have Monday's marvelous Quotes - but not necessarily EVERY Monday. I will still have Wacky Wednesdays - but again not automatically EVERY Wednesday... And that leaves us Friday's Frills and Thrills which likewise will not routinely be written on EVERY Friday; But I will do my darndest to have at least ONE of the posts each and every week if not two or three. Yup that's the plan! I've gotta finish that darn novel!!!!! And painting? When was the last time I picked up one of my paint brushes??? Hummm...
So - Oregon in August and September is quite a fine place to visit. Along the roadsides almost everywhere you go there are Blackberry bushes growing wildly. During this time of year they are overloaded with berries the size of your thumb! Each morning I went for a walk which consisted of one and a half hours and netted me five to six miles on my ped-o-meter. As I was nearing my son's home at the end of my walk there were Blackberry bushes hanging over close to the sidewalk and I would reach up and grab a few to pop into my mouth. Most of them were melt in your mouth and sweet... but I did have to spit out a couple because they weren't quite ripe and biiiitttter... talk about pucker mouth! Sadly I didn't think to take any pictures of said berry bushes. :O{

I did take some pictures of a Doe and her twin Fawn's that came into my son's yard to feed on the grass and rosebushes. The babies were still in spots so that was very fun watching them. And some of the coast. Here they are:


Lincoln City, Oregon:

Our Son & Family:


Hope you enjoyed the pics. L8er... Joyce