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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So I don't know if I've told you that I've been fighting with my feet. No silly, not literally fighting as in boxing! But in the way that I don't like them hurting all the time, so I try to figure out how not to hurt. Tuesday last week the doctor gave me some totally ugly - totally not cool black braces to wear when I'm doing a lot of walking... I look like a dork with them on - like an old grandma lady who can't walk!!! Oh wait, I AM AN OLD GRANDMA LADY WHO CAN'T WALK!!! Sheesh :O0 Plus they are not so comfortable to wear.

My husband got a handicap sticker for our car and I even happily had to use it when I went shopping the other day because my feet were hurting so bad. Even though I was totally justified in using the handicap parking space... I felt like a fraud! "People are going to see me getting out of the car and wonder why I'm using that space." So when I got out of the car I hammed it up pretending to be worse than I was... but then how can you be worse than not being able to take a step without pain shooting through both of your feet? So justified indeed... even though I don't feel like I should be old - I guess I am. Getting old is for sure not for sissy's!

So to keep off of my feet as much as possible hoping that lack of use will help them heal, I've been doing crochet potholders with my feet propped up. No silly, I wasn't crocheting them with my propped up feet, but with my hands while my feet were propped up... crocheting with my feet would be very difficult indeed but with them propped up at the same time??? No I'm flexible, but - I'm not quite that flexible!!! :O)

Well - back to my crocheting potholders... Have a great day ~ Joyce

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  1. Feet. They can be our friends ... or not. I've had 3 foot surgeries. Used to have to use those motorized shopping carts to do my grocery shopping. Once I'd had the surgery I was able to do a 15-mile handcart trek. Good luck with yours.