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Monday, May 9, 2011

Funny Stuff...

This week-end my sister and I went to Salt Lake City for the LDS storymakers Conference and Whitney Awards dinner. This award dinner is to authors, like the Oscars are to actors.


Now the funny thing is that when packing for the Whitney Awards dinner (a fancy affair) I searched my closet for something dressy enough to not make me feel like an ol' farm girl (which I am) and something that I haven't out-grown (which is almost EVERYTHING). I found a glitzy gold blouse that I wore to a fancy affair once before, but I couldn't find the skirt I wore with it so I went and got a fancy pair of slacks and modeled for my husband and he said he liked them really well. Long story short - I went to press said slacks and forgot to check the setting and put iron marks all over the slacks! Grrr!!! Going back to the closet I found and tried on a fancy dress I've kinda grown out of - but decided it wasn't TOO tight and stuck it in my travel bag, grabbed a slip and pantyhose to go with it. The shoes I thought I still had that I bought with the dress were missing so I grabbed a different pair that sorta matched but weren't quite as fancy. Oh well, you can only do what you can do.


Getting dressed the night of the Whitney's the slip I had brought hung below the skirt! So fancy dress with no slip. Then the pantyhose couldn't be worn with the shoes, because they had a toe divider. So fancy dress with no slip AND no hose. I put on my make-up perfectly. I fixed my hair as good as you can when you have the natural curls like I do. I put on my gold necklace and got two pair of earrings - putting one of each in my ears I asked my sister which pair looked best. When we got to the Hotel where the Whitney's were being held I realized I had on only one earring, I had forgotten to put the other one back on! So here I am at a fancy dinner in a fancy dress with no slip, no pantyhose, and only one earring on! I had no pockets so I couldn't take the earring off for fear I would loose it and it is very sentimental to me - so...


I took my camera with me to take cool and amazing photo's of the fancy affair and when I sat down I decided to start my photo session with a picture of the salad and dessert that were set out so beautifully on the table. I took out the camera and took a lovely pic of the salad. I then zeroed in on the yummy dessert sitting there begging me to take a bite, click I took a picture and beep my camera battery went dead, I had left the case in my hotel room because it wasn't matching anything. So, end of photo op!

Some days everything goes perfectly and some days they don't!