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Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday's Fractured Features...

Today for your fractured features, I give you teaser from my current Novel in Progress:
Just Another Player
Portland, Oregon – record freeze
Thursday, February 9th
Dielan rolled over, “Suzanna what are ya doing?”
            “I turned the furnace up. It’s freezing in here.”
            “Come back ta bed sweetheart.”
            “I am. I’m getting another blanket first.”
            As Suzanna got back in bed she said, “Dielan, hold me; it feels like it’s going to be a wicked day today.”
            Dielan was all too happy to do as requested. He pulled her into his body, spooning her neatly into him, as he snuggled her into his arms.
            She slept fitfully. It was black-dark when she awoke. Suzanna Delrio felt disoriented. There was death in the air. She could feel it - almost taste it. Suzanna rubbed the sleep from her eyes and wiped the sweat from her brow.  
            She had awakened feeling even more chilled to the bone - and not from the freezing elements. She turned over; foreboding filled her.
            Dielan was gone.   ...
Hope you enjoyed the sample. I love comments, so go ahead and give me some.  :O)
~Joyce P. Smith

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wacky Wednesday...

Today I'm one day late for Wacky Wednesday but I just found out of a sad event that happened yesterday - Wednesday 9-26-2012.

A Great Scouter passed away on Wacky Wednesday. His name is Bill Burch.
This post is in honor of him and the good he has done not only in Scouting but in the world.
Kudo's to you Bill and thank you for the awesome friend to the Boy Scouts of America that you have been! One great man!

A video of Bill about the Bolo Tie's he carved:

Thanks for viewing. My husband Don owns 12 of Bill's Bolo's and I own one specially made for me by request to Bill so its one of a kind. We are pleased to be the owners of said ties!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday's Musings...

My thoughts today are stemmed on the family...
Here is a video I saw and thought I would share -

I love Elder Eyring! He was over the Seminary courses when I taught early morning Seminary to the youth in our Ward.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Fractured Features...

A Book Review - Just Take My Heart the 2009 Suspense by Mary Higgins Clark...
In Just Take My Heart, Mary Higgins Clark did something that's hard to do - she kept me guessing which of the bad guys was really the bad guy. Usually I can guess who the culprit is at least by middle of the book. But in Just Take My Heart I was kept guessing and didn't figure it out until the end. Whoot whoot, you go Mary for stumping me!
When Natalie Raines, a famous actress, is found shot on her kitchen floor the police have no clues as to who could have murdered her. Finally after two years with no leads, Jimmy Easton, comes forward when he is arrested yet again for burglary. Jimmy tells the police that Natalie's estranged husband Gregg had tried to hire him two years before to off Natalie.
Then comes the cat and mouse chase as the prosecutor Emily Wallace tries with her whole heart and soul to convict Gregg of the murder. Because how could Jimmy a known crook, who has spent more of his life in jail than out; how could he identify what Gregg's home looks like inside? And most importantly how would he know about one significant little detail, that no one else is familiar with, in the living room of Gregg's posh apartment house? There are no other explainations other than he went to Gregg's apartment to get the down payment to kill Natalie as Jimmy said.
But wait, even though Gregg denies killing his wife, he stays as top suspect on the list when in frustration in a rigorous cross examination by Emily he reveals surprising and condemning information about the night Natalie died.
Then enters Zach. Unbeknown to Emily her neighbor is a sought after serial killer who has evaded capture for years. And he has designs on her, especially after she rebuffs his friendship.
Mary Higgins Clark weaves these characters into the story so masterfully that you are kept on the edge of your seat clear to the tantalizing end of the final paragraph. I love a good mystery and Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark not only stumped me but hooked me as well.
FIVE STARS for Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wacky Wednesday...

Today's Wacky Wednesday topic is the buzzing of a now popular book called Fifty Shades of Grey.
Personally I have NO interest in reading the dang thing! But what amazes me is the amount of people who are pushing this piece of work as something everyone should read to enhance their sex lives. I'm told its a degradation to women for one. Who wants to read about being chained to a bed and call that fun?
The other amazing thing is the amount of popular shows that are touting it as good work. The first time I even heard of it was on the Dr. Oz show. He had his whole audience read FSof G then had, I think, four couples he interviewed about it and how it had helped their marriages!
Good Grief!!! I don't need a book like that to enhance my marriage! I've been married fourty-eight fantastic years by cracky. (YES to the same man.) Personally deviant behavior is a turn-off to me not a turn-on. I've read so many people's view lately of how it made them want to barf just reading the back cover, that I have no desire to even pick the stupid book up.
I have read fifty plus reviews that are all in the negative about this book. Fifty Shades of No Thank You! I'm told that not only is the content bad but so is the writing of it. I say if you're into reading erotica then find something that's at least well written and isn't so degrading.
One thing - why deliberately put garbage in your brain? That's like taking poison and saying that it's good for you and will enhance you by doing so.
Wacky Wednesday for sure... more like Wacky World to read such filth, then tout it as wonderful!!!
... just sayin!


Monday, September 17, 2012

My Monday's Musings...

Ah ha, I did not die and go to heaven;
I did not get caught with kids of seven;
Nope I did not break my silly arm;
Nor did I come to any harm.

I did not fall off my silly bike;
But I did go for a nice long hike.
I did not leave this state so cool;
But I did go camp where cabins rule.

Yes, I've been so very busy is all
For the editing of my WIP did call
Yep, those peeps want this story done
So do I; as do my kids, every one!

Thus off I went to clear my head
Even spent time while books I read
Now edit, edit is my books call
So from this job I hope I don't fall.

~Joyce P. Smith