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Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Musing's...

The other day I was sitting in my chair in the family room visiting with my husband. As we talked I noticed that there were no birds outside at the bird feeders or anywhere in the yard. This is totally unusual, we always have dozens of two to three kind of Dove and then dozens of Sparrow and Finch all teaming around scratching for food or wandering around our property.
I mentioned this phenomena to Don and he said there weren't any birds when he came in the house either. STRANGE.
So of course I kept looking out the window trying to figure out if Daisy or Spidie, our dogs, were out there and had scared the birds... or if George our cat was hunting; he likes to sit under the Sage bush where the bird feeder is and pounce when he gets a chance (which isn't very often because he's mostly white and can easily be seen). But there was no sight of either of the dogs or the cat. Humm?????
Then I saw it! It hopped out from the Sage bush with the feeder - a Hawk! Beautiful bird. Amazing bird, he tried to fly into the bush but he was so heavy the branches didn't hold him very well. But when he flew up there and then hopped to another branch all kinds of Sparrow flew out of the bush 90 miles an hour! :O)  They had been trying to hide from the Hawk!  LOL
Next the Hawk flew into the yard to a more wimpy bush. I said, "You crazy bird, that bush isn't strong enough to hold you either!" He didn't care. Then he flew out of the bush onto the grass. He looked like he might have something in his talons, but it had to be awfully small I decided. Then the amazing thing happened, Don and I watched him meticulously pluck each feather out of the little bird he had caught in the bush. He plucked every feather and then proceeded to eat his dinner. There
wasn't anything on the grass but feathers after he flew away. Nothing, Nada, Zero, Zip!
Here are some of the pictures I was able to sneak from inside the house:

Monday's Musing - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner...

Here are the pictures taken from my window.
Luckily I was able to zoom in on him & not scare
him too bad. Isn't he awesome?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Musings...

Sorry it's been awhile since I posted, but I've been busy.
I thought you might like to see the camper we bought and our maiden voyage camping in it. Its not brand new, but new to me. We had a great time at a scout outing with Don's troop. Don had me drive and park to make sure I could actually do so.  :O)  I did good!  :O)  Okay I've tried for days to get these pictures to line up right but for some reason they are still determined to have big spaces between them so bear with that please.
I did good didn't I?

  North Mountain Park, Casa Grande, AZ
Notice my license plate in window.  :O)
Don Carving Golf Ball


 I hope you've enjoyed my trip.  :O)