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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Didn't die and go to Heaven...

Wow all you marvelous people out there that have been sitting on pins and needles waiting anxiously for me to come alive - be restored from the lost- or that thought I had died and gone to Heaven... I'm Once Again Here! Yippee...
So many things kept me from posting... sick, computer didn't want to work, gone, computer crashed once again!, went to Texas and so many number of things that I can't name them all, so please, please don't ask me to - but I'm here now.
So first thing is that I want to report - I DID GET BRAVE and submitted the first Chapter of the novel I'm writing to the First Chapter contest at the Storymakers Conference which I'll be going to in May! Wow, I'm so brave it gags me! :O}
Another wowie for me is that I finally decided to figure out what's made me look the way I look! Well I already knew - yum, yum - but I'm now trying to do something about it! Dang do I still get Chocolate? Isn't that the staple of life??? While I was in Texas I asked my daughter-in-law to help me loose some of this flubber... she took me down to YMCA gym and off we went on the treadmill and she taught me how to use it. All these years I always thought you got on set a walking speed and walked, and walked - never breaking a sweat mind you! With Donelle's help I've learned that I actually know how to sweat... never thought I could unless I was in 115 degree weather. Now I know better! WOW can I sweat!!! Yep I know it's not lady-like, but when you're at the gym - who cares?!?!?! Well, with two weeks of a lot of hard work and sweat at the YMCA I've lost... drum roll here... 2 whole pounds, yes two pounds, two weeks - two pounds! WHOOP, Whoop!!! LOL I'm not giving up yet though! I'm home now and have a treadmill of my own, a bike, a boxing bag, and all manner of equipment... wish me luck. :O)
So stay tuned tomorrow and I'll tell you more of my plan AND a contest I'm going to hold! Yes that's right a contest... everyone likes contests -right?!?!? L8er....

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  1. Congratulations on the 2 pound loss!

    And good luck on you first chapter at Storymakers. I didn't get the courage up this year. Maybe next year.