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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wacky Wednesdays...

Okay so today is wacky wednesday and I'll tell you what,
That new title has put me in a bothersome little rut!
I search the house over for things that have gone awry,
To the point of frustration and my desire to wanna cry!
I've got a pile of things all over the place with a bunch to do,
But I tell you, I can't do much with a two foot Grue!
Now what's a Grue you may ask with wonder?
I'll tell you - yes, I will shout it with a voice of thunder!
A Grue is my own made up word I'll tell you straight,
Yes, the results of a Grue, I'm starting to hate!
I went to the doctor and he put tape on both my feet,
It's hard to walk and get anything done - but bleat!
Okay, okay so two sore feet is what I call a Grue,
For there aren't a whole lot of things that I can do!
Its real name is called Plantar Fasciitis I tell you true,
Walking to loose some weight is now not a thing I can do!
So no walking, no rowdiness or jumping on the bed,
And all of these restrictions because the doctor said!
So now do I need a wacky wednesday to help me along?
Nope, I just need to laze around and sing a song!
Now don't you wish you had a two foot Grue too?



  1. I need a moment to just laze around, Joyce, but I'll pass on the two-foot Grue. My deepest condolences! May your two-feet be Grueless soon!

  2. Thanks Jennifer, I appreciate all the condolences I can get... :O{