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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wacky Wednesdays...

While at our ANWA writers retreat this past week-end we ate; we wrote; we wandered about getting acquainted; and we learned from each other. We even had one wacky adventure after another when the rain fell and filled the basement bedroom with water. While there one suggestion was to try and improve our blogs, to this endeavor I am writing today.
First I guess I should explain what ANWA is to those of you who may not know. ANWA stands for American Night Writers Association. Formed in Arizona in October 1986, the purpose of the organization is to encourage, assist, and motivate members to write, and if they desire, to publish their work. It is comprised of LDS Women who are mothers or may have other professions that keep them from meeting their goal of being a writer - So they write at night (Not a requirement) also sometimes the words to write come from the Spirit in the middle of the night. This is a national organization and if you would like to know more just check us out on line at: www.anwa-lds.com

Now back to me - Wacky Wednesdays will be a regular post of mine (unless gone or otherwise unavailable). My topics will vary - so if you keep track of me, you may very well be surprised at what ever the heck I may talk about or say. I will not be held accountable for anything! :O) That's right, no account Joyce! (Isn't that what being zany is? Yep, crazy!)

This past couple of weeks I've been wandering about camping. I went with my sister Shirley and of course I took along Albert & Snuffy. They're my camping pals. Here's a picture of them sunning on a rock at the lake - Albert left, Snuffy right:
They always go with me camping. Albert loves to climb in the trees and they both like to keep me warm.
This past week camping and at the ANWA writing retreat (I went camping, then to the retreat, then back camping again) when I went to take pictures of Albert & Snuffy on my bed - alas I had my camera case but no camera inside! When I got home it was on my desk, so luckily it wasn't lost or anything, whew what a relief. Just my luck! My husband is off to the National Boy Scout Jamboree in Virginia and he has had the misfortune of loosing his camera with all those priceless pictures on it! So I was lucky that my camera wasn't lost, but unlucky to have not had it with me.
While I was at the ANWA writers retreat I had my first chapter of the novel I'm writing critiqued. I'm anxious to make the changes that Cecily suggested. She made a lot of marks on my manuscript, but I am so glad for her help and for the suggestions! I have many more chapters written but I've revised and gone through many twists and turns in my plot and wanted it critiqued again. Glad I did!!!
So that's been my wacky week thus far... I hope you join me again.
Look for Friday Frills & Thrills... Signing off for now, Joyce

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  1. I enjoyed your blog and the pic of your buddies.