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Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Frills and Thrills...

This has been a thrilly day!

My husband's back from the National Boy Scout Jamboree that was held in Virginia; he had an awesome time while he was there... that's a real thrill! I love him and missed him bunches and bunches so having him home again after two weeks is a thrill for sure! We've known each other for 48 years and been married 46 of them, yup we dated for two years before we grew up. It's been an awesome life (to use the word now made famous by the Bachelorette, "awesome" one more time). Dang I like that word... guess I'll have to come up with another! How about amazing? Fantastic? What do you think???

Tonight I'm making the now famous Easy Tortilla Soup made by Krista Darrach that we had at the ANWA retreat! My mouth's a-waterin' - can't wait till it's done! Now that's a frill and a thrill! Only I think the name should be changed to Easy Chicken Bean Soup or Easy Bean Chicken Soup or Krista's Delight...? Whatever - I'm making it the harder way though... I cooked my own beans - now I'm cooking the chicken and will put them all together in a few minutes to make a mouthwatering splendid yummy meal! Thank you very much Krista! You're awesome! Oh yeah - you're tremendous!

Let's see what's another thrill for today?... Yes that's it... I (yes I love those little... too!) the thrill is that I've gotten most of my laundry done so I won't have my whole day tomorrow taken up with laundry - now that's definitely a thrill for both today and tomorrow!

Another thrill is that my toe is nicely healing from my disaster of being not only the first participant at the Retreat but also the first injury when the HEAVY bunk bed we were moving got put down too soon - yes you got it - ON MY BIG TOE! Owe, owie, OUCH! {Yip, I like those cute little awesome {humm - awe-inspiring} exclamation points also! :O)

Okay, I smell my chicken in the crock pot cooking to wonderfulness so I better go finish it before I have black chicken jerky!

See you on Monday's Marvelous Quotes!


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