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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today is the day we celebrate our mother's. What I can do for mine is look up into the sky and say "Thank you mom for being such an awesome woman, mother, friend, and example." My mother was one of those elect women who everyone loved. She was loved by each of her 11 siblings who held her in high esteem all of their lives. She was loved by each of her neighbors, which extended beyond her neighborhood. She was loved and revered by each of us, her six children. She was especially loved by our dad, she was his sweetheart and he loved her and cherished her beyond her passing from this life. He loved to sing her love songs in Danish and in fact was singing her one the minute of her passing and he sobbed as she left him. My mom was an exemplary, elite woman! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOMMA!

By Momma’s Side
written by Joyce Smith

I love to go walking by my Momma’s side
And the way she steps out in a great big stride;
This can bring me joy & make me happy as can be,
For in this she has taught me to beauty of every tree.

I love to sit and read at my Momma’s side,
For the knowledge this has brought, gives me great pride;
As a child I recall we would sit on the sofa to read,
And from this I learned, for my own children, to do the same deed.

I love to sit at my Momma’s side and hear her sing,
For great joy and contentment this does bring;
Now I go about my own house with a melody in my heart,
And this has taught me, with a smile, to try & do my part.

I love to stand at my Momma’s side to do dishes in the sink,
To remove all the spots from them & from the house every stink;
While we were busy working together & making the house shine,
She taught me that more than money, a great wealth is mine.

I loved to sit at my Momma’s side to watch her sew me a new dress,
She would do this without thought of self, I must confess;
And she would spend hours making my dolls cute little clothes,
Is it any wonder that sewing is also a talent that I chose!?!

I love to have Momma at my side to go out and look at the stars
And to see all the wonders that are ours;
For learning to appreciate all the wonders in the universe,
Has taught me to sit down & put my thoughts in verse.

I love to go to Church with Momma at my side,
To hear all the stories & of the whale with Jonah inside;
For going to Church with Momma, don’t you see -
Instilled a strong testimony of Christ in me!

So I want you to know that having my Momma by my side,
Has filled me with a deep love for her and great pride;
For she has taught me all she knows and the B attitudes,
And for all of this & more, I owe her a deep debt of gratitude!

I love you Momma!


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