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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Children's Book Writers - Blog Hop...

Have you ever had any of those days where you felt like your day wasn't yours? Well that's what happened to me. I was supposed to post this blog yesterday... well better late than never... A day late a dollar short... :O)
If you are new to my blog, welcome, welcome! Take a look around and have fun with what you find.  I was invited to be a part of a blog hop for writers of children's books. A blog hop is fun; it's where we get to talk about our busy lives as writers. It also helps people find new and exciting blogs and its fun to connect people all over the world. If you're following the tour you most likely came here from Mikey Brooks blog at http://writtenbymikey.blogspot.com/2013/08/childrens-writers-blog-hop.html#.Ugj4lG1FLbA
Thank you Mikey for inviting me to join this hop. The classification of children's literature encompasses a lot of ages. I write picture books (ages 0-9). So while on this hop you might find someone who writes a picture book or someone who writes for teens. That's the fun of it.
We were asked to answer 4 simple questions. I hope you find my answers insightful. I also invite you to check out the stops on this blog hop so we can keep you discovering new and talented writers. We were asked to give the links to 3 other blogger's who write children's books (anything from picture books to teens) and get them to post a week after our post. It’s easy breezing. Here goes:

1. What are you working on right now?

Joyce – right now I’m working on several books. The one I’m currently working on is the second edition of my children’s books of Albert’s Adventures, titled: Albert Has A Family a bear’s tale. I have completed Albert Goes Camping a bear’s tale and it’s for sale at Amazon.

2. How does it differ from other works in its genre?

JoyceAlbert Has A Family is a children’s picture book where the story and photographs are by me. Think: Who likes to play in Tonka Land and needs to chase away the monsters under his bed? Albert, a lovable stuffed teddy bear, that’s who!

      This book is thirty-nine pages of a fun, rhyming, climbing concept book about Albert’s adventures. In this delightful picture book Albert tries to get along with his sister and brothers, even when sometimes it’s hard. Albert Has A Family is a gentle story for children ages one through six.

3. Why do you write what you do?

Joyce – That’s simple; because I enjoy it. Well, I’ve always liked reading books to my children, then grandchildren. I have fond memories of sitting next to my mother and her reading to me – so that’s always been a dream to write my own. Plus I’ve written about ten other children’s books that someday I will shake the dust off of and submit them as well.  :O)

4. How does your writing process work?

Joyce – Favorite practice: I like to sit down in the morning when it’s quiet and no one will be calling me and just go to work. I’m a pants-ter, so I just start going at it without any format – just the story in mind. I do the same thing with my paintings. I have never been a format-ter.

With my children’s books, a story formulates in my mind, I grab my camera and Albert, and then go pose him and possibly one or two others all over the place. I currently have the pictures taken for the seven other Albert books. I just look at the picture and figure out what Albert wants to say. I’ve had a lot of fun creating Albert Has A Family as I have with the first one, Albert Goes Camping.

Your next stops on the blog hop will take place 1 week from today (August 26th) but please don't hesitate to go check out Mikey Brooks’ blog and the others listed on his site today. You'll enjoy what you find. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful morning, day, or evening (depending on what time you’re reading this).


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