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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wow, What a Weekend...

          This past weekend my husband went to Roosevelt Lake Campground with the Boy Scouts. Don wanted me to go with him since he is an assistant Scout Master and I love camping he felt I should go with him and share his camping experience. So I broke down and went...
          This campground is probably one of the worst places to take little kids (IMHO). If they went running off of the main road they ran smack dab into Cholla Cacti! This isn't a fun experience - I know because as a child I encountered it more than once! Oooouuuucccch!
          But regardless of the Cholla (Jumping Cactus) the kids all seemed to have a good time even though I think I was the only one there that didn't get grabbed by it. I walked around with my eyes to the ground to make sure I didn't step on a stray piece laying in the path.
          There were a couple things that happened on this outing that happened that I really enjoyed. Well, in all fairness probably more than a couple but I'm only going to mention two of them here.
          First I spent much of my time going around taking pictures. I'm in the process of making children's picture e-books about Albert.
          Albert is a stuffed bear that I always take camping with me and one time I stuck him in a tree and took pictures of him then went back to camp and told my grandchildren that I saw a bear in a tree so I took a picture of it. They all wanted to see even though they were kinda scared of a bear crashing into camp. I showed them the picture of Albert and we all got a good laugh out of it... THEN came the idea to make picture books of Albert camping.  :O)
          I had fun going around staging them in poses in the desert. I have the pictures for a book called: Albert & his friend Snuffy Go Fishing plus the original one Albert Goes Camping. So this trip was taking pictures for a picture book of: Albert and Lil Aud Learning About The Arizona Desert.
          The second thing that happened on this camp out that impressed me is that the Scouts had a ceremony to retire old worn out US flags. They gather old flags from the community and then take them to camp and teach the boys how to properly and respectfully dispose of the old flags. The bonfire was set and the program given then the boys and anyone else that wanted to participate got to take a flag or part of a torn flag and with poles carefully lay them into the fire. It was a goosebumps experience and at the end they still had flags so I got to participate also. WOW!!!
Sorry its take so long to post again... but thanks for stopping by and reading... Joyce

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