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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So I don't know if I've told you that I've been fighting with my feet. No silly, not literally fighting as in boxing! But in the way that I don't like them hurting all the time, so I try to figure out how not to hurt. Tuesday last week the doctor gave me some totally ugly - totally not cool black braces to wear when I'm doing a lot of walking... I look like a dork with them on - like an old grandma lady who can't walk!!! Oh wait, I AM AN OLD GRANDMA LADY WHO CAN'T WALK!!! Sheesh :O0 Plus they are not so comfortable to wear.

My husband got a handicap sticker for our car and I even happily had to use it when I went shopping the other day because my feet were hurting so bad. Even though I was totally justified in using the handicap parking space... I felt like a fraud! "People are going to see me getting out of the car and wonder why I'm using that space." So when I got out of the car I hammed it up pretending to be worse than I was... but then how can you be worse than not being able to take a step without pain shooting through both of your feet? So justified indeed... even though I don't feel like I should be old - I guess I am. Getting old is for sure not for sissy's!

So to keep off of my feet as much as possible hoping that lack of use will help them heal, I've been doing crochet potholders with my feet propped up. No silly, I wasn't crocheting them with my propped up feet, but with my hands while my feet were propped up... crocheting with my feet would be very difficult indeed but with them propped up at the same time??? No I'm flexible, but - I'm not quite that flexible!!! :O)

Well - back to my crocheting potholders... Have a great day ~ Joyce

Friday, June 10, 2011

Oops Here's the pictures:

Here are pictures it wouldn't let me post before. Willow Springs Lake Campground, AZ:

Yum, yum!

My friend Charlie:At the Phoenix Zoo:
Me & 2 Grandsons & our Monkies:

oops! 2 for 1

Hope you enjoyed the show. :O)


Wahoo.. I'm here again, jiggity jig!

So this is the scoop: This gal (namely me) got sick and while sitting around trying to recuperate I read and read and read. Yep six or seven books got read during that time and little else. Then one thing after the other and I haven't gotten to do the book reviews of those books... but never fear I will eventually get to it.

Then our daughter Lisa graduated from College with honors... that was quite the awesome event (they even had soft chair with back in the stadium for us to sit on - wow, nice!) Pictures:

Over Memorial Day week-end we usually go camping (My sister, myself & family). This year we decided that I needed to go up early in order to save the good spots for us to have room for the family members to put up their tents. I left home on May 23rd picked up my daughter and off we went up to Willow Springs Lake, AZ. We got our tents all set up and the winds started and Tonya and I just about froze to death that night. My sister lent blankies to Tonya and we got though Tuesday night not quite as frozen... but still not comfy. We came back down to the valley for my granddaughter's graduation from High School and grabbed some more bedding and off we went back up to our adventure. After that the nights weren't quite as cold but we were not allowed to have campfires as usual up there due to all the dry conditions and the wind. We finally gave up and came home on Monday 30th. Lesson learned... May is still kinda chilly for tent camping in the Arizona mountains! If yer gonna go - go better prepared to keep warm & for no campfires!

Now don't think this experience has soured me from camping... I LOVE CAMPING! So it takes a lot to get me to not want to be up there. My nephew was totally impressed with me last year (he's off on his mission this year) because he had never seen anyone actually cook on the campfire grills. (Yes, I'm a very impressive gal. LOL)

Here are a few camping pictures for your enjoyment: