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Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's Frills and Thrills..


Now you may be wondering what happened to my blogging fun... well we got a call that sent us off to Oregon for the funeral of our brother-in-law (my husband's sister's husband). We extended our stay after the funeral and stayed with our eldest son and his family; were gone a whole month and boy is it a thrill to be back home again, giggety gigg!

As I review my life - I realize that asking myself to dedicate three days a week to blogging is pretty adventurous of me - since I couldn't keep up with blogging once a week before. If I take three days to blog - that won't leave me much time for finishing the novel I'm writing. So I've decided that some revisions could and ought to be made. My idea is this: I will still have Monday's marvelous Quotes - but not necessarily EVERY Monday. I will still have Wacky Wednesdays - but again not automatically EVERY Wednesday... And that leaves us Friday's Frills and Thrills which likewise will not routinely be written on EVERY Friday; But I will do my darndest to have at least ONE of the posts each and every week if not two or three. Yup that's the plan! I've gotta finish that darn novel!!!!! And painting? When was the last time I picked up one of my paint brushes??? Hummm...
So - Oregon in August and September is quite a fine place to visit. Along the roadsides almost everywhere you go there are Blackberry bushes growing wildly. During this time of year they are overloaded with berries the size of your thumb! Each morning I went for a walk which consisted of one and a half hours and netted me five to six miles on my ped-o-meter. As I was nearing my son's home at the end of my walk there were Blackberry bushes hanging over close to the sidewalk and I would reach up and grab a few to pop into my mouth. Most of them were melt in your mouth and sweet... but I did have to spit out a couple because they weren't quite ripe and biiiitttter... talk about pucker mouth! Sadly I didn't think to take any pictures of said berry bushes. :O{

I did take some pictures of a Doe and her twin Fawn's that came into my son's yard to feed on the grass and rosebushes. The babies were still in spots so that was very fun watching them. And some of the coast. Here they are:


Lincoln City, Oregon:

Our Son & Family:


Hope you enjoyed the pics. L8er... Joyce

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  1. I am always excited to see deer. These are great pictures. Thanks for sharing.