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Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday's Musing...

I've decided that today I celebrate ME.

When I was cutting my husbands hair this morning, he was adding up how many haircuts I've given him and our family throughout the years. So lets see, not including the many people I cut hair for when I worked in a salon, or the friends and extended family I cut hair for throughout the years either...

An estimate of the haircuts I've given my husband is about 8 a year (I think more than that but we'll go with his guess) for we'll say 48 years - (even though we've been married 51 this month) so we'll say that equals about 385, counting this mornings. We have four daughters that I gave haircuts to for about 17 years at say 6 a year, which would again equal about 408. We have three sons I gave haircuts to for eighteen years at about 8 a year so that would be times three making about 432. Now adding the haircuts I've given myself since I was about 20 being about 5 a year that equals about 251 - the grand total counting the one I gave hubby today and the one I gave me today is.... 1,476!!! - I guess I'm one hair cutting machine!  :O)

Have a great day everyone!
~ Joyce

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  1. I cut our family's hair as well. Mostly I have to chase all except The Hubs down like pronking gazelles because they generally would rather be hirsute and smelly. Well maybe not smelly. They've just never believed me when I said a trim would do them good.
    Last year I cut my youngest's hair into a mohawk expressly for the purpose of flattening my parents when they came for my daughter's graduation. I expected noisy disgust as they threaded their way into the auditorium past the string quartet and the other staring parental units. To my utter amazement, they simply smiled and slid into their seats. Dad complained more about the loud music than B's hair! It seems they've mellowed. Lots. B did get quite a bit of flack from his teachers, though.