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Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday's Fractured Features-

For the past little while I have been saturated with life's adventures... And I have chewed off all my fingernails! Grrr
Our 50th wedding anniversary came and went with a fantastic man I'm proud to be married to. We spent a wonderful day. We went to the Temple where we were married 50 years ago and felt at peace and saw some old friends there too. We went and did a little shopping then dinner & a movie.
Next came our son's wedding & me in charge of making the wedding cake... now that was a project. We got to the building and someone was supposed to be there but we found it locked. I had the cake in the hot car! Grrr. The icing was then too soft and when my husband decided to carry said cake into the building un-aided he messed up the whole side of the cake! I was a bit miffed. But luckily I had brought frosting and tubes and tips to put a semi fix on it.
Wedding over I had all of the huge white table cloths I had borrowed from a friend to try and get all the stains out of from peeps that were careless in their eating - & they had spills of red punch on them too. I ended up washing them in four loads and did those four loads five times counting the pre-wash cycle, adding up to 20 loads of wash, taking the whole day long to get them spotless white again. Whew!
Then all table cloths clean and folded I needed to move the box away from my bed (which I had used as my folding table) so I could sleep that night and not bump into said box... bad idea! In moving it I hurt my back!!! I've been two & a half weeks getting my back to settle down so I could move around again.  Grrr
Now I've been back to working on my novel and feeling decidedly unqualified to be a writer/author so I stopped writing long enough to make a mock up cover to help get me pumped up about my writing again. Now I'm wondering if my title is the best title ever. So stay tuned to Monday and we'll see the solution I come up with.  :O)
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